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About the RM Group

RM Education logoRM is an education company that grew out of supplying research equipment to Oxford University.  To this day it still has links with the city as its headquarters are nearby. RM is unique in that no other company has its range of products for schools and colleges. RM supplies everything from software specifically designed for the classroom to nationwide intranets and managed services.  Through all of these, RM has learning at its soul. RM is about bringing to education the products and services that help teachers deliver those inspiring, great learning moments that pupils find memorable and engaging, and so achieve even greater learning.

RM Education Limited is part of the RM Group.


About RM Education Limited

RM Education offers an extensive range of software solutions, educational resources and services, and works with a wide variety of international partners to ensure educational establishments worldwide can benefit from our range of innovative, award-winning learning materials.

RM is an expanding organisation whose software instils confidence, motivation and pride in the thousands of students that use it every day across all subjects. With a focus on 21st Century skills that can be introduced into any school or home-learning environment, we strive to provide tools that are child-friendly and easy to use whilst always being in line with the latest technological advancements.

Our dedication and passion in continuing to develop new and exciting applications that foster pupil / teacher creativity, whilst always listening to what customers want and to what is most important to the education industry, is integral to our forward-thinking approach.  In all of this, we never lose sight of the issues that matter most in the classroom.

RM Education Limited is part of the RM Group.

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We are working with a range of international partners to develop and deliver RM Easiteach Next Generation to educational establishments worldwide. Click here to find out more.
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